Danilo Freire


  • Business Development
  • Community Manager
  • Design
  • Game Designer
  • Gerente de Produto
  • Level Design
  • Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Monetização
  • Mídias Digitais
  • PC
  • Produtor(a)
  • Produtor(a) de Conteúdo
  • Redes Sociais
  • Unity


Independent game producer and designer currently focusing on my own game Bloodless at Point N' Sheep studio. You can check some of my games on my itch.io portfolio page, where I put some of my prototypes, studies, and game jams results.

Besides the game development cycle, I am always helping to unite and strengthen my local gamedev community in Recife-Brazil with workshops, gamejams, festivals, and meetups! If you need any help, feedbacks, tips about the gamedev market on Brazil or advice on how to get started, you can talk to me and I’ll be happy to help. Together we are stronger!


Recife, PE, Brasil